Spring is here and summer not far off. So it’s time to leave a very cold and dreary winter behind. I can’t wait for all the bright colors of summer and we really need them after surviving this long winter. So it is time to get your nails ready for some bright summer nail polish.

I have always had weak nails that split, break and bend. It finally got so bad that I had to cut them shorter than the tips of my fingers just to keep them from breaking down to where it is very uncomfortable. Well I found a product that would help with this. Actually it totally changed my nails and now they are at least of normal strength and I can grow them long enough to want to put polish on.

The product is Nailtiques and you can see the whole line on their website:

I can assure that after trying many products and wasting a lot of money this stuff works. It is a protein and it will make your nails really stronger. It took about 3 or 4 months for my nails to grow to the point where they are healthy.



When you use this product you have to follow the directions exactly. I started with the Formula 2 but had to move to Formula 2 plus and that one really worked. Now I am using Formula 1 and have been doing so for about 5 months and my nails are well maintained.

They also make nail polish which works well with the protein, especially when you get to the maintenance level. You can find all their colors on their website.  They have about 15 or so colors.



One last thing you should not file your nails back and forth but only file in one direction. And a glass nail file is much more gentle on your nails and they last forever. But the glass nail files can break as I have found out.  Good luck and happy spring.