We all hate the work involved in daily styling. I have a few favorite products that I really like for my hair and just cannot live without.  One is this hair spray. I always used it when I had long hair.



My hair is stick straight, as a matter of fact you cannot find hair any straighter, and it was a little past my shoulder.  So every day I would roll it with hot rollers. I would use large ones because I was going for a lot of body and not so much for curl.  Then I would load it up with hair spray. That would keep the body in for most of the day but by night no matter what I used my hair would be pretty straight and flat again.

Now that my hair is short and spiky I use a product called Got 2b Glued.


For my straight hair it will hold up pretty much all day. My hair is very stiff with this product but that is what you want for spikes.  Also this product is cheap and I usually get it at Walmart. It does come in a travel small size that is hard to find, but good for your purse.  It also comes in a black tube and the only difference I can see is that the product in the black tube is clear and the product in the yellow tube is white. My hair is white so I don’t know if the white product would show up on darker hair or not (I would not think so). I tried a lot of expensive products before I found this and I am telling you don’t waste your money.

That’s all for today.